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How It Works
Phase 1
Explore the idealizations of emerging designers and join them in the conceptualization of their design.
Phase 2
Help young designers realize their collection in the form of a fashion presentation
Phase 3
Place pre-orders for your preferred products
Phase 4
Graduate from the 4 Step Program and continue selling on-demand products in the Marketplace or other retail channels.

These are the currently active campaigns of emerging designers using PRJCT 428. The campaigns are organized into 3 phases: Collection Development, Fashion Presentation, and Pre-Order Sales Once all stages are complete, their items will be for sale in the marketplace.

These phases are designed to support young talents to secure and properly observe their market and gather the funds. Talents can communicate directly with their supporters and customers through the platform.

Throughout the 4 step program, all campaign creators gain the access to speak with our mentors. Guest speakers and mentors serve to guide our creators in learning the keys to success as they graduate from the program. Each opportunity is a chance to learn, so even if designers do not make it through the program, designers are allowed to re-apply the program after learning from their mistakes and refining the collections.

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The PRJCT 428 Marketplace gives designers the freedom to select what they want to sell from their collection direct to consumers. Foregoing buyers, the decision-making is on the hands of designers. Designers can also enable pre-orders of their design to ensure demand for their products before any manufacturing investment.

PRJCT 428 acts as both a partner and distributor to help designers sell their products to the right audiences. Our team will guide designers and help them to learn the right pricing logistics and discover new potential customers.

Learn more about how we help you, as a designer. Excited?

Why apply and be certified as a fashion designer in Prjct 428?

Be identified as a Designer in PRJCT 428

Being a designer on PRJCT 428 allows you to be recognized by many fashion insiders. The work that you showcase on PRJCT 428 serves as your digital portfolio to be shared or found by those in the fashion industry to showcase not only your work, but also your growth as a designer. Regardless of whether you are an independent designer or brand, we welcome you to be part of the community and start your networking with other fashion designers.

You create, we showcase

After we approve your Designer application, you are qualified to start a campaign or begin selling your products in our marketplace.

Become a designer on PRJCT 428
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